who we are?

we’re a digital marketing & branding agency.

about us.

curious about our culture?

BrandoPro is an online branding agency that helps local business owners to establish their brand and professionalism throughout online.  Our online branding services help local business owners to establish their brand through online, social media, and extra medium.  We achieve our client’s goals by creating strategic web presence and building business and brand awareness online.”

Founder & CEO

Sami Khondakar

The story behind it all

One day sami was looking for some kind of wood-working stuffs online near him except amazon. But he found nothing but there was a lot of stores near him who could deliver the items to him instantly. 

After that he realized he needs to help those business owners who are still suffering to get their business into online and that’s how BrandoPro was born.

this is our

visionary team.

We Have a Digital Marketer, Financial Advisor, WordPress Specialist, SEO Expert in our core team.

The associate team has a member of 15 people who works with us as a freelancer.